Our Endura Flap pet door offers a variety of quality features.

Published: 21st November 2011
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. If you are considering purchasing a Pet door for your furry companion, I would recommend that you
consider the Endura Flap Pet Door. We did our research prior to purchasing this pet door and were surprised by the superiority of this door compared to other pet doors on the market. Our Endura Flap pet door was ordered and received in six days time. Once the door was inspected and we had read the installation process, we decided to set aside a five hour time frame and were surprised that it actually took three hours to install from start to finish
The door we purchased was the 04PP10 - Single Flap Wall Mount Pet Door. This door is made of sturdy aluminum framing that was simple to install. We noticed that the magnets on the bottom and sides of the flap made for a secure closing and yet, was easy enough for our dog to enter or exit with slight pressure. This Endura Flap pet door also features a clear flap, which encouraged our dog during training as she could view us on either side when we encouraged her to pass through the pet door.

These doors are not your normal square door. They adjusted to the fact that our dog was tall and thin and not of a short and fat stature. They came in a variety of heights and widths to compensate whatever the height and waistline your dog may be. One great feature of this door is that it may be used by a variety of size dogs. This seems like a great idea instead of trying to force a large dog into a small pet door or on the other hand, pushing a little one through a huge door.

Another feature on these Endura Flap pet doors is the fact that they remain flexible to -40 degrees. The reason for this is that the Endura Flap is not made from vinyl but from a polyolefin-based polymer material. In other words, this clear flap will not get stiff from the cold and have a greater chance of cracking when your dog uses the door in bitter cold weather.

During this past winter, we experienced a few snow storms from the north. Our pet door was in direct line of the incoming wind and we sat here impressed on the fact that no wind passed through. Evidently these doors are tested in a wind tunnel with winds up to 50 mph. Our opinion was that if the winds are blowing at that speed, we would choose not to have our dog out in the elements anyways. There are additional magnets that can be installed to increase with resistance.

Other highlights of our Endura Flap door is that it will not yellow over time. It uses a UV retardant to help keep the flap clear. With this added feature, I am not anticipating any cracking or splitting with our purchase for years to come. With our pet door opening onto our back patio, we wanted a pet door that was not going to look “worn” within a few years time. Our pet door still looks crisp and clear! No signs of wear after hundred’s of uses and I can honestly say that our dog is not the most graceful at times as she barrels into it.

Included in our purchase was a 90 day return , a 10 year warranty on all products and a 15 year warranty on the Endura Flap. If a manufacturer is willing to stand behind their product with a warranty like this, it was in our best interest to purchase the best pet door on the market and enjoy the quality for years to come.
Check out your options and I believe you too will be impressed with the quality of the Endura Flap pet door which stands head and shoulders over their competition.

Kevin Schmidt, owner of www.petdoorexpress.com which offers pet doors and patio pet doors

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